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Windshield Safety

Feb 25, 2013

We think you’ll agree, that along with seatbelts, windshields are an essential feature to vehicles and provide quite a number of safety features. Mainly, they protect us from the elements! Keeping the cold and heat in; the wind and rain out; and debris or bugs out of our faces.  As a consumer, your expectations of a properly installed windshield are most likely cosmetic, hoping that the new windshield won’t devalue your vehicle. As licensed automotive engineers, at Payless Auto Glass, our primary concern is the vehicle's structural integrity and passenger safety.

The process of properly and safely installing windshields actually begins with the removal of the damaged windshield.  At Payless Auto Glass we are fully trained with the best tools and equipment, ensuring that this first step is done correctly so that we not only get your cosmetically satisfactory approval but your complete safety within the structural integrity! Structural integrity includes the obvious factors, such as the roof not leaking or becoming loose in an accident or high winds, but the windshield actually plays a fundamental role in protecting the vehicles passenger compartment, keeping the passengers safe from the roof collapsing or crushing on impact. Seen from this perspective, consumers should have a vested interest in protecting their windshield and using a company that will do it properly and safely.

We mentioned the protection factor of your windshield but what about visibility? If left unfixed debris and chips can fill your windshield, really affecting your vision. Thirdly, the safety feature that isn’t as obvious is the material that makes up windshield glass. The material is made of two layers of glass and a layer of polyvinyl, that in the case of impact, the glass breaks but the polyvinyl acts as a cushion and barrier for passengers. Lastly, on top of being a barrier for the passenger, the windshield acts as a barrier for side and front airbags, affecting their proper and safe deployment within the vehicle.

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